What I’m Clicking: November

More and more I’m interested in good long-form writing. And by long form, I mean more than a two-paragraph news blurb. The market for this kind of writing has been decimated in the past decade—to write an article of any length is complete anathema to the digital reader. But part of me wants these stories now. They are interesting. They explore topics I hadn’t known I wanted to learn more about. They tell me more about the world, or connect me to someone like or unlike me.

And, of course, I still look for good new recipes.

Here are a few of my favorite finds in the past month. I’d love if you’d share links to your favorites in the comments.

Pakistan’s Martha Stewart

No One Knows What Britain Is Anymore

Why It’s So Hard to Get Sichuan Peppers in America

Gingerbread Pork Stew

A Living Statue (and Soon a Living Snow Globe!) in Washington Square Park

Turning Empty Warehouses into Instagram Playgrounds

Also, this is perhaps the most accurate description I have ever seen of what it’s like to be a creative in advertising. And it made me laugh so hard.

merry pringles