What I’m Clicking: May

A few of my favorite articles from over the past few months:

Looking for your next read? Did you catch all these in 2017?

Visiting Antarctica at 21 Weeks Pregnant – This woman is my role model.

101 Dishes That Changed America – A sweeping history of iconic American foods. From Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs to Chicago deep dish pizza, it’s fun to dip into the creation of some of our American favorites, and also check off which you’re been able to experience where they originated.

Trying to convince customers there are no nuts in Chock Full O’Nuts coffee – A marketing quandary: you make coffee, but your product is called “chock full o’nuts.” How do you stay true to your brand’s heritage, while convincing customers there aren’t any nuts in your coffee?

This 43-year-old man from Baltimore knit 119 sweaters with landmarks from around the world. Now he’s taking pictures at the landmarks, in his sweaters.

How Trading Spaces Inspired Us: Home remodeling shows have changed so much since Trading Spaces—budgets have skyrocketed (can you imagine Joanna Gaines working with $1000 for a whole room?!) and style diversity has plummeted. Will the new iteration of Trading Spaces hold on to its roots?