Bergen, Norway

After our stay in Copenhagen, we took a short flight to Bergen, Norway.

Norway is such a huge and beautiful country and we absolutely need to go back and see more of it! I truly had such a hard time deciding what cities we should visit and could have planned a month-long trip.

We rented this gorgeous Airbnb in Bergen. It was a family home, which showed in the attention to detail for kids. There was a crib, tons of toys, and even baby gates on the stairs, which was greatly appreciated. The location also could not have been better. It was literally steps away from the harbor and funicular to the top of Mt. Fløyen, a must-do.

IMG_8861bergen 1IMG_8884

Our first night in Bergen, we explored the historic Bryggen waterfront and then had a fabulous Norwegian meal at Spisekroken. I adored the pumpkin soup and moose steak, while Little O inhaled his fish. We were actually so, so lucky we planned our trip when we did, because only a few weeks after happily eating whatever we would offer him in Europe, Little O has started to have opinions about what he would like to eat! It was definitely helpful to our traveling itinerary that he was willing to try pretty much whatever we gave him, though I do always carry extra snacks with me to tide him over at restaurants while we wait for our orders.

IMG_8931IMG_8870IMG_8875IMG_8882bergen 2

The next day, we took the funicular to the top of Mt. Fløyen. Little O’s favorite part of the mountaintop was the goats! He loves animals and has seen sheep at the Prospect Park Zoo, so he really wanted to pat the goats (we didn’t let him as they are wild animals, but they were very good natured and let him get pretty close). There are also hiking trails that you can take through vibrantly green woods and several playgrounds, of course.


Our other favorite activity in Bergen was visiting the KODE art museums, which we did on our last day there. At first Little O was a bit restless, but he actually quieted down and listened when I started to talk to him about the art! For representational art, I talked about what we could see in the picture, and for abstract art, I talked about what colors or shapes we could see. If you have a toddler, try it with them and see if they can get engaged with the art that way!